"Helping PEOPLE, Changing LIVES, Building FAMILIES" 

Parent-Aide Program - Parent Aides provide in-home stabilization assistance to families, referred from DFCS, who are in need of intervention. They work as team members with DFCS casework staff with emphasis on reducing the risk of child maltreatment, teaching and modeling parenting skills, helping parents become involved in supportive activities, and providing transportation to obtain resources. Objectives are to strengthen the parent-child bond, build trust, and identify children’s needs and how to respond to those needs. Other services the Parent Aide may provide include family meal planning and grocery shopping, homemaking, daily scheduling, and connection to community resources. For additional questions regarding our Parent-Aide Program, please contact Sarita R. Hill at (478) 738-3240.

Employment and Training Services (Work Experience) - MBEOCI contracts with Bibb County Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) to provide Employment and Training Services to TANF applicants and recipients. The Employment Services Associates (ESA) are policy trained and housed at the DFCS office to assist, monitor, and document services provided to each client. They are responsible for assessing each client’s job readiness status, placing the client in a State approved work activity, monitoring their progress, referring for other support services, and documenting within each clients file on the DFCS SUCCESS system. The ESA develops a rapport with each customer assigned and communicates with them on a weekly basis regarding their progress in work experience and job searching. The primary objective is to assist the client in obtaining employment that will allow them to become self sufficient and prevent the need for government assistance.

Transportation Services - For information about our transportation services, please contact the associates at our Community Outreach Center at 750-8689 or our Buck Melton Center at 478-330-6272.