Message from the CEO

Sincerely, Sarita R. Hill, Chief Executive Officer

Macon- Bibb County Economic Opportunity Council, Inc. is in the business of “Helping People, Changing Lives, and Building Families.” With help from our Board of Directors, staff, volunteers, local businesses, locally elected officials, and friends, we tackle the war on poverty. It is our mission to help improve the quality of life for all families and individuals in Macon-Bibb County.

I would like to commend the staff members of Macon-Bibb County EOC for the outstanding work you continuously do in our community. EOC has served this community for many years, delivering valuable community-based services to address the specific needs of Macon-Bibb County residents.

Throughout its long history, EOC has developed and maintained a wide variety of programs to assist the areas’ low-to-moderate income families. We have been very successful in advancing opportunities and the quality of life for many individuals. Macon-Bibb County EOC provides essential services that benefit our communities and we will continue to expand and improve our services for the benefit of the people we are charged to serve.

A very special thank you to the volunteers that serve on our Board of Directors and other advisory committees that help make our organization work. We appreciate everyone that strives to improve the lives of Georgia’s most vulnerable children and families. Most of all, we salute those families that work hard each and every day to achieve success.

Sincerely, Sarita R. Hill, Chief Executive Officer