Pre-K Registration Information

If a child is selected, parents will be required to provide registration documents during the on-site registration process. If registration documents are not received during this time frame, the child’s Pre-K slot will be forfeited.

Required Registration documents:

  • Proof of age: certified birth certificate or confirmation of birth
  • Social Security card
  • Immunization (GA form 3231)
  • Hearing, Vision, Dental, Nutrition screening (GA form 3300)
  • *NO EXCEPTIONS* GA 3300 form must be utilized*
  • Current Photo ID of parent/guardian
  • Medicaid card: PeachCare, WellCare card or private insurance card


Proof of residency include the following:

  • Current lease in the guardian’s name
  • Current Utility Bill listing the residence as the service address (electric, water, gas, cable)
  • Property tax statement
  • Current vehicle registration
  • Homeowner’s insurance bill

**If a student’s family is living with someone else, parents should provide a notarized statement from the property resident stating where the child’s family is residing, plus a copy of the property resident’s proof of residency (any items listed above).


Attached documents must be completed at the time of the on-site registration at a school AFTER your child has been selected. Click on the titles to reach the documents.

Child Registration Form

Child Registration Form – Spanish

Social Security Number Information

Social Security Number Information – Spanish

Roster Information Form

Roster Information Form – Spanish